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Welcome to Huff Lessons!


Here you can find detailed, step-by-step lesson plans for high school English courses. I will not post standards addressed, as they vary for each school, system, and state, but you can easily determine which standards the plans address if you decide to use them.


In addition, if you see something interesting and want to expand upon it, you can let me know by e-mailing me at dana.huff@gmail.com and I can set you up with a password that will enable you to contribute.


I currently teach 9th grade Grammar, Composition, and Literature, 10th grade American Literature and Composition, and 12th Grade Short Story and Composition/Drama and Composition, as well as a Writing Seminar course, so my lessons will most likely be geared toward those courses. However, if you poke around, you may find something that suits your class as well, whether it be middle school or college level. If applicable, I have given credit for the lesson plan to others who actually created it. Check back often for updates.



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Teaching Writing



Teaching Literature



Teaching Grammar

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